The project involved 9 partners  of whitch 4 SMEs : Orp Stampi Srl, ML Engraving, Optimal Optik Kft, SKM Aeronautics ltd 


Spain -

Mould release agents; LCA and Techno-economic Analysis


Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas

Greece -

Laser modelling and optics for surface texturing


Orp Stampi

SME from Italy

Mould tool design and manufacture (pilot line 1)


ML Engraving

SME from Italy -

Robotic system for surface texturing of mould tool (pilot line 1)


Optimal Optik

SME from Hungary -

Inline optical inspection of surface textures (laser & mould transfer)


SKM Aeronautics

SME from Israel -

Pilot line 2 and 3 targeting rotary and piston seals case studies



Dissemination manager - France -

Engagement, dissemination and demonstration to potential users


Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon

Coordinator - Spain -

Friction modelling and holistic design software


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover

Germany -

Friction theory and experimentation

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