2021/06/08 : Our animated video that presents our project MouldTex has been published!

It presents the challenges of the seal industry and how we can adress it thanks to our technology.



Extrusiones, a Colombian plastic and rubber company talks about the MouldTex Project in their blog as a sustainable solution to reduce friction in dynamic sealing


2021/05/21 : Publication - Numerical approach for the Assessment of Micro-Textured Walls Effects on Rubber Injection Moulding

Garcia-Camprubi M., Alfaro-Isac C., Hernandez-Gascon H. Ramon Valdés J., Izquierdo S. Polymers 2021 13(11) 1739


2021/05/16 : Publication - A digital twin for friction prediction in Dynamice Rubber Applications with surface textures

Valentina Zambrano  Markus Brase, Belén Hernández-Gascón, Matthias Wangenheim,
Leticia A. Gracia , Ismael Viejo  , Salvador Izquierdo and José Ramón Valdés Lubricants 2021, 9(5), 57

Corresponding author : Zambrano V.


2021/05/06 : Article in the European Rubber Journal

The MouldTex project is presented in a full length 3 pages articles to explain the technical innovations within our project. The article can be found in the download section.


2021/04/30 : ARTICLE IN SLTC

The spanish industrial cluster for rubber published in its online magazine a overview of our project MouldTex.


2021/03/01 : Article in the European Rubber Journal

The MouldTex project is presented in the European Rubber Journal, article can be found in the download section


2021/02/25 : Article in l'Eco di Bergamo :

ML Engraving is put forward as an innovative company involved in european project, including MouldTex.


2021/02/04 : Minisymposium 2021

Our partner Optimal Optik (CEO Domjan Laszlo) presented their optical surface profiling system based on chromatic-confocal microscopy at the Minisymposium 2021

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